About us

We're neighbours who want to live smarter

Wicomico is an offshoot of Evryone, a product studio in Copenhagen, Denmark. This is where we've spent the last ten years building a community and lifestyle platform for assisted living facilities for people with disabilities.

Wicomico is based on the insight that community improves quality of life for 80% of our users. We'd like to make this accessible to people everywhere.

Wicomico is a movement for people who want to live smarter and be better neighbours.

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Why we're making wicomico

The future is community
We want to live differently. Closer - more connected. We want to know our neighbours, and help each other. We want less loneliness, stress, depression. More support, empathy and balance. And we think community can help us achieve this.
The future is shared
We believe in a future where we all have a higher quality of life with a smaller environmental and financial footprint. We're going to be more people in less space. We want to organise ourselves and the things we own in a smarter way, and share what we have.
The future is yours
Your data should be yours. We think there's a paradigm shift happening in tech. It used to be normal that you paid with your data and privacy, but reality has shown us that this doesn't result in fruitful platforms. We're leaving the attention economy behind, and protecting your privacy.

Management team

Jesper Karlberg

Director / Head product and sales

+45 2083 2084

Emma Thomsen

Product Manager

+45 2594 4603

Jeppe Slot Stauning

Head of Support and Implementation  

+45 2840 4671

Line Juliussen

Product Specialist


Cosmin Lupu

Head of Engineering


Anders Karlberg

Head of Design, UX and UI


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