Happy tenants and new revenue streams

Can Happy Tenants increase your NOI?

Wicomico is an app at the intersection of space-as-a-service and the co-living revolution. We help operators utilise new revenue streams, and reduce administration thought tenant self-service. And we use community to make residents happy, which reduces churn and makes properties attractive. All this combined increases your NOI.

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How we can help you

Stronger communities

Wicomico was developed in collaboration with the real estate industry. Our main areas of focus are:
Files and self-service

Let's get organised

Administrator can quickly share important files with tenants. Access control and visibility settings allow you to share to individuals, or based on other parameters such as house type, address, group affiliation, or purchase history. This gives users a relevant overview of information where they can help themselves.
Facility Management

turn tenants into agents of change

Tenants can report incidents in their home, or in public areas directly from the app. With an integration to your existing Facility Management software, user are notified about updates to their tickets. You can even automate messages about planned maintenance of public areas.

Direct reporting through the app reduces the load on your administration, and collection in a single platform gives you accurate up-to-date metrics of the property.

Convenience & new revenue streams

Wicomico lets property owners tap into space-as-a-service, and offer new products to their tenants. You’re no longer just in the business of renting out space, and we’ll help you give users access to a hassle-less lifestyle, and unlock new revenue streams for you.

Payment for service subscriptions can happen directly in the app, via rent, or through invoicing by the sub-contractor.
Address book

All Your neighbours at the tap of a button

All residents, organised by name or house-hold. This is where neighbours can get in touch or organise in groups, all without giving away personal information.
Bulletin board

Let's discuss this in public

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock since the late 90’s, you know how a bulletin board works. This is where administrator and tenants can engage in public discussions, and help each other our. We’re constantly improving our board to reflect how neighbours actually engage in a positive, inclusive way.

Sharing economy or rental service?

Our bookings section contains all the property’s ressources, like guest apartments, shared cars or powertools. Administrator can define availability and time slots, and even add a price. All ressources can be given extra parameters such as cleaning fee, location-ID, age restrictions and user manuals.

Ressources can be reported broken by tenants directly in the app, and a push message can be sent to host, caretaker, or ressource owner.

Communal dining, Yoga, or gardening?

Anyone can create events - both public and in closed groups. Events can be simple one-off happenings, or recurring instances with vegetarian and take-out options, differentiated pricing for adults and children, volunteer tasks and availability for guests.

As a user, it is quick to make a reservation, and you can do it on behalf of anyone in your household.

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Wicomico is currently in closed beta, but we plan to open up to new users early 2021. We'd love to show you what we have right now. Fill out the form, and we will be in touch with more information.