Last updated Septemper 7th 2022

Privacy policy

Wicomico ApS acts as a data processor on behalf of our customers, who are data controllers.

What data do we store about you?

Information created in the system regarding your user profile:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your email
  • Picture
  • Phone number
  • Birthday
  • Description (text)
  • Household (connection to other residents at the same address)

If you do not want your name displayed in the app, you can choose an alias that is used instead. Your email, phone number and birthday can be hidden so that they are not visible to other users.

Data shared or linked to your profile

  • Images and documents uploaded by the administrator to the 'My home' section.
  • Data about your registrations/participation in events both as a participant and helper.
  • Data about your bookings and cancellations of bookings.
  • Data about your subscriptions to services.
  • Your posts on the message board and comments/reactions to other people's posts, as well as posts or comments where other users have tagged you.
  • Groups membership
  • Your consumption (purchase history).
  • If necessary: reports to external facility management system. 

Information collected through your use

This data is limited to registration of what and when you create or edit in Wicomico. This information is not passed on and is collected exclusively as server logs and for anonymized statistical processing to improve the user experience and further develop Wicomico.

When you install and use Wicomico, we collect and compare device tokens with user data and use cookies/caches. This data is only used internally in the application to store login details and application data. We do not use information to track user behavior, just as we do not use other people's data for this or share the information we collect with others.

How is your information stored and used?

  • All information in Wicomico is stored securely and confidentially. We continuously check our security measures to ensure that all data is stored as it should be.
  • Wicomico ApS. does not use your personal information and it is not passed on to third parties. The personal information is used solely to implement the service that Wicomico and for which the data controller has chosen that Wicomico must be used.
  • Wicomico ApS. do not own the data you put in the system. Data is owned by the data controller.

Wicomico ApS's responsibility as Data Processor

  • Wicomico ApS. acts as Data Processor, and is solely responsible for the storage, collection and presentation of the data that is created in the system.
  • Data in Wicomico is not passed on to third parties, just as no analysis or automatic decisions are made based on personal data.
  • Wicomico ApS. is responsible for ensuring that the data created and collected in Wicomico is stored in a secure manner and is not misused.
  • Wicomico ApS. cannot be held responsible if data or information in Wicomico is misused by third parties who have been granted access to view through the app by users of Wicomico. Neither can Wicomico ApS. be held liable if a user of the app violates terms and shares material in Wicomico that can be perceived as objectionable, violates ethical boundaries or the legislation in force at any given time.
  • Wicomico ApS. is a Data Processor and acts solely on instructions from the Data Controller in connection with the processing of personal data and bears no responsibility in relation to the users' fulfillment of their duty towards the Data Controller.
  • Hosting: Wicomico ApS. uses an external company to manage the technical operation (hosting) of the system. Upon acquisition of Wicomico, the Data Controller has accepted that we let data be processed by this Data Processor/third party.
  • Payment: Wicomico ApS. uses an external company to manage the technical operation (handling transactions and hosting) of the system. Upon acquisition of Wicomico, the Data Controller has accepted that we let data be processed by this Data Processor/third party.

Who has access to your data?

  • Medarbejderprofiler (Administratorer) har med individuelt login adgang til Wicomico Manager, hvor de har læse- og skriveadgang til de oplysninger, der er lagt ind i appen. Administratorer kan ikke se indhold delt i lukkede grupper, som de ikke er medlem af eller sendt i private 1:1 beskeder.
  • Andre brugere (beboere) har mulighed for at se dine brugeroplysninger jfr. pkt. 1 samt dine opslag, billeder, deltagelse i aktiviteter, og medlemskab af grupper. Data, du deler i lukkede grupper, er kun synlig for gruppens medlemmer.
  • Det er ikke tilladt at kopiere, videregive og/eller distribuere andres data og billeder eller på anden måde misbruge de data, der er tilgængelige gennem appen.

Overview, editing and deletion of data

  • Employee profiles (Administrators) have individual login access to Wicomico Manager, where they have read and write access to the information entered into the app. Administrators cannot see content shared in closed groups, they are not a member of or sent in private 1:1 messages.
  • Other users (residents) can see your user information cf. pt. 1 as well as your posts, photos, participation in activities and group membership. Data you share in closed groups is only visible to group members.
  • It is not allowed to copy, pass on and/or distribute other people's data and images or in any other way abuse the data available through the app..

Other things

Wicomico and Wicomico Manager can be updated, and additional functions added, so that we can constantly improve the product and further develop the software. If there are significant changes in the processing of data, we will inform you about this.

Contact Information

For more information, contact can be made to:

Wicomico ApS.
Jesper Seedorf Karlberg
CVR. 41588012
Carl Jacobsens Vej 16, lot 6
2500 Valby
Telephone 71 74 85 85